Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds Made For Orlando Florida

faux wood blinds orlando

Faux Wood Blinds

The Look Of A Wood Blind With The Affordability Of Faux Wood

If you want the look and feel of a wood blind but don’t want to pay the price for them, then faux wood blinds are for you. The ever popular 2″ wide slat comes in either a textured or smooth finish and can be painted or stained. The materials used in faux wood blinds are made from are a mix of an attractive, resilient, polymer material, which make the blinds very easy to clean and will never warp or crack even under extreme temperatures. They are the perfect blind for Orlando Florida.

We Make Choosing Faux Wood Blinds Simple And Easy

To start with, we have more faux wood blind paints and faux wood blind stains than you can imagine. Furthermore, you can combine faux wood, wood blinds and plantation shutters in your Orlando Florida home and have them all color matched.

Faux wood blinds blend the appeal of real wood with the durability, severe weather resistance and the ease of cleaning that man made materials provide. Otherwise known as imitation wood and fake wood, faux wood blinds are available with PVC vinyl slats or composite wood. For humid environments, direct sunlight and high traffic rooms, faux wood blinds are a the perfect choice because of their construction. Faux wood blinds are commonly picked for their long lasting durability and lower cost over wood blinds. Some of our clients choose faux woods blinds in those humid rooms or areas that will require more frequent cleaning like a kitchen and then install wood blinds or plantation shutters in rooms such as a formal dining room. In addition to these practical characteristics, our faux wood blinds are available in hundreds of different colors and stains. The possibilities are endless.

Faux Wood Blinds Orlando Valance

Faux Wood Blinds Valance

Faux Wood Blind Options Galore

Blinds By Design only installs custom faux wood blinds. When say custom, we mean custom. We will make your faux wood blinds the way YOU want them.  You can add a crown wrap around valances (see picture to the right) which are available in different sizes and designer profiles. We have hundreds of decorative and solid cloth tapes that can be added to your faux wood blinds to accent fabrics in your Orlando Florida home. We also have custom options like our privacy routeless feature, which eliminates holes in the slats for superior privacy and light control and allows you to remove the slats for ease of cleaning.

Faux Wood Blinds Designed For Your Orlando Florida Home

The slats for faux wood blind are available in either textured or smooth finishes. Not only can you select the type of controls for your faux wood blinds but also the side (left or right) in which the controls are on. This is a perfect selection for that corner window where one side of the window is block by furniture of decorations. If you have a high window in your Orlando Florida home or just want to impress your guests with the latest blinds innovation, you can make your faux wood blinds remote controlled. With just a push of a button you can open and close your blinds. Your friends will surely be impressed and envious.

The Difference In Our Faux Wood Blinds Are The Details You’ll Never Notice? Durability!

Anything build with quality assures precise operation and longevity. The faux wood slats we use are tailored specifically for our Orlando Florida climate. This assures that the blinds will not warp or deteriorate under the hot sun that Florida provides. The result of the quality manufacturing is that you will have custom faux wood blinds that fit perfectly, close precisely and look exquisite for years to come. Also, our blinds are backed by a lifetime warranty.

faux wood blinds orlando

White Faux Wood Blinds

What Goes Into Making A Faux Wood Blind?

There are a lot of details that go into manufacturing a high quality faux wood blind. A house in Orlando Florida will test the limits of any window treatment than a house that resides in a colder climate. Sun exposure, temperature differences and seasonal changes vary from region to region. The faux wood blinds we use are made from faux wood specifically created to accomodate the demands of our humid climate in Orlando. You might not consider all these factors but at Blinds By Design we do, that is why we can offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our faux wood blinds.

Not only does the materials that make the faux wood blinds matter, the working parts matter just as much. The mechanisms of our blinds are made to last. We use nylon reinforced cords to assure years of trouble free operation of your faux wood blinds. Our faux wood blinds are built to last on the inside and outside while adding timeless beauty to compliment your Orlando Florida lifestyle.

Covering your windows with style just got a whole lot more affordable!

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How Much Will It Cost For Faux Wood Blinds?

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