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A Variety Of Window Shades To Fit Your Orlando Home Needs

Roller Window Shades

Roller Window Shades

Whether you’re seeking the drama and fashion appeal of fine a fabric roller shade, or the rich texture of woven wood roller shades, you’ll find a budget-wise, easy-care solution for your Orlando Florida home with our roller shades. If your decorating a bedroom, bathroom, family room or sun porch, our roller shades have a style that’s just right for you. Available in a wide selection of sheer weaves, decorative fabrics, vinyl and mylar, our roller shade styles will increase energy efficiency and help protect your furnishings from harmful rays of sunlight. With a modern clutch system, the shades will raise and lower without losing any tension for years to come. All shades are mounted on a heavy-duty metal roller that will not warp and have a crisp finished hem for a tailored look. Our roller shades are bound to have a fabric that everyone in your Orlando Florida home will love. Roller shades are an affordable solution whether you’re re-doing one window or a whole home.

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roman window shades orlando florida

Roman Window Shades

Roman Window Shades

We invite you to experience the softness and luxury that roman shades can bring to your Orlando Florida home. With a wide range of roman shade fabric selections, our collections of roman shades are stylish, functional and versatile. The elegant beauty of the classic teardrop style attracts many to select roman shades for their home. A supple fold gives the shade a dimensional, cascading appearance. The draping effect brings sophistication and softness to any room décor.


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Cellular Honeycomb Window Shades Orlando Florida

Cellular Honeycomb Window Shades

Cellular Honeycomb Window Shades

Cellular shades, also called honeycomb shades, offer a unique blend of style, versatility and energy efficiency. And with ever cost of energy going up, energy conservation is now more important than ever before. Cellular honeycomb shades unique cellular construction traps a layer of air within the cells, providing a barrier of protection against extreme temperatures and insulating your home against the elements to help reduce your Orlando Florida energy bills. For windows in Orlando Florida that get exceptionally hot, our double cell cellular shades provide that additional layer of insulation needed to ward off the hot Florida sun. Another feature of Cellular honeycomb shades is they have outstanding sound absorption, making your rooms quieter and more comfortable. They are especially suitable for children’s rooms or theater rooms.

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Motorized Shades

Motorized Window Shades

Energy conserving Motorized Sun Shades and Solar Screens work in harmony with the dynamic use of glass to improve interior environments with optimum solar protection, greater use of natural light, energy savings and those vitally important outdoor views so beneficial to human personal well-being and productivity. With just a touch of a button you can completely control the light coming into your home or condo. Most of our motorized window shades come with a remote that allows you to control the blinds from anywhere in your home.


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Solar Shades

Solar Window Shades

You don’t have to block out the world to avoid the glare on your screen. We offer Solar shades, a type of roller window shade made from a synthetic mesh fabric. It comes in a variety of levels of opaqueness that controls the level of light that you desire in your room. The higher the percentage rating the more light will get through, but even with a low rating you can still see the kids playing in the yard. Solar shades are an excellent option for your windows with a view because you don’t have to block it to reduce the light.

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