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custom printed window shades

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Custom printed window shades from Blinds  By Design allows you to print any image you want and make it a shade . A window shade that allows you to put any image or customized message on a functional commercial proven window shade system. Our window shades have been used in a wide variety of retail environments for a number of different reasons. The window shade can help you cut down on light pollution, keeps your location cooler by blocking thermal radiation, and allows you another avenue in which to brand your store.

All you have to do is provide the graphics and the dimensions, and we can build a product suited to your needs. You can choose to install your window shade inside the mullions, outside the mullions, in a hanging or horizontally installed position. You can choose from opaque or non-opaque materials and you can stretch one image across multiple windows for a truly unique effect.

Our custom printed window shades are available in RollerRoman and Cellular shades



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