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Introducing Stylish Cellular Shades

When you install cellular shades on your house in Ocoee, Florida, you appreciate their style and energy efficiency. Cellular shades are also called honeycomb shades because they have rows of honeycomb-shaped cells. At Blinds By Design, we offer a huge variety of cellular shades that will make your home comfortable and improve your interior design. Many homeowners like cellular shades because of their outstanding features.

Light Filtering and Light Blocking Potential

Maybe you don’t like too much light at night, or maybe you like sleeping in a pitch dark room. When you have cellular shades, you can determine how much light you want to be filtered. You probably have varying preferences across the rooms. But homeowners appreciate the level of control that cellular shades afford them. Cellular shades have a simple yet unique style, and they allow you to regulate the level of natural light in your home.

Outstanding Insulation

During summer, high heat levels in your home become uncomfortable, and during winter, extremely low temperatures are just as uncomfortable. Cellular shades are proven to have excellent insulation properties thanks to their rows of air pockets. Apart from making your home comfortable, they also reduce energy costs. Blinds By Design offers high-performance and temperature controlling shades that improve the aesthetics of your home.

   Noise Reduction

Not many people can afford to buy land and build their mansions and close off the distractions. In major towns, most people live in apartments, and they have no control of the external environment. Prevalent noise pollution can be a low point. And so, it’s critical to invest in shades that reduce the noise. Our cellular shades have excellent noise-reduction properties. The honeycomb-shaped cells are useful in minimizing the noise coming into your home. They are extremely critical if you live in an area close to traffic.

Cordless Options for Child Safety

There are various things in your home that can look harmless at first when they can cause harm, like window treatments that have cords. And considering how babies (and pets) like to explore the house, if they come upon a dangling cord of a cellular shade, they might get trapped, and things would quickly turn serious. At Blinds By Design, we offer cordless and motorized options, which are excellent in terms of child safety.

 Privacy Management

Cellular shades can be raised or lowered from either the top or bottom. Thus, they allow you to control the level of privacy, especially in sensitive rooms like the bathroom. Cellular shades allow light to come in, but they conveniently block out 3rd parties from seeing through the windows.

Other Window Blinds / Shades We Offer:


Blinds By Design is committed to offering the best custom window solutions for the customers. That’s why our product range is one of the widest in the market. We have window blinds to please every client’s needs, desires, and budget. Here are just some of the other window blinds and shades you can get by us:

Order Premium Cellular Shades for Your Windows

The cellular shades offered by Blinds By Design are the gold standard for blocking light, reducing noise, and improving energy efficiency. Our cellular shades come in different colors and designs, and it’s important to choose the design that complements your home. Whether you’re looking for temperature controlling cellular shades in Florida or cellular shades with powerful light filtration properties, Blinds By Design can sort you.

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