Motorized Window Shades

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The world is moving fast and everyone and everything is more connected. The same holds true in the window treatment industry. Instead of getting up every time to open, close or adjust your shades consider motorizing your shades that may be controlled via Alexa, Google Assistant, cell phone or remote control. Program your shades to close when the sun hits the window or at a predetermined time. Or tell Alexa to open your shades when you get up in the morning. Motorized shades are quickly becoming the fastest growing segment within the window treatment industry.
We take great pride in the fact that we have been involved in motorization since 2008 and that we worked with a developer for over five years installing motorized shades in a 36-story condominium high-rise. Plus, motorization has become much more affordable and convenient. With the inception of the newer rechargeable motors, there is no more need to keep purchasing expensive lithium ion batteries. Just plug your shades in once every 6-9 months for a couple of hours and your good to go for another five hundred cycles or so.