Kitchens can be the household hub where most family gatherings and house parties seem to end up. It has evolved into more than just a place for preparing your meals. Hence, stylish and easy maintenance window treatments can elevate kitchen experiences even more. While measurements and installations for window treatments are best handled by experts, you definitely have the final say on the material and color selection though. Here we take a look at some of the most popular kitchen window solutions for your modern kitchen.

Need For Kitchen Window Treatments

Before committing to kitchen window treatments it might be wise to consider a few things to gauge the need:

1) Privacy 

When your kitchen windows face the street or some public space, a little privacy might be much appreciated. Concurrently, you also need to allow enough light inside without making your kitchen too dark. Choosing the right window treatment can effectively protect your privacy while letting enough sunlight inside.

2) UV Protection 

Although light coming into your kitchen is ideal, too much of it can risk damage from UV radiation. These rays can be equally harmful to your kitchen appliances, furniture, and floorings over time. Kitchen window shades and curtains can substantially reduce this exposure to UV rays.

3) Energy Efficiency

Window treatments double up as excellent insulators for your kitchen. Especially during the winters, you might want to keep your cooking area warm for your guests coming in. Since air conditioners might not be exactly suitable for kitchens, window shades are great replacements for temperature regulation.

4) Finishing Looks

Uncovered kitchen windows might ruin the entire look of your well-designed home. They can make it all look unfinished to your visitors. Try completing the charm and elegance of your kitchen with the wide selection of window treatments available. This can also positively impact the resale value of your property by enhancing curb appeal.

Best Treatment For Kitchen Windows

1. Roman Shades

If you plan to combine the classic elegance of traditional shades with the clean and crispy appearance of soft drapery, roman shades might just be the answer. They also complement your modern kitchens with all-white or stainless. Roman shades allow ambient light into your kitchen without compromising your privacy. These are available in varying styles and patterns to go with your overall kitchen design as well. Moreover, if you are struggling with kitchen windows over a sink, these shades are completely waterproof and easy to clean. Roman shades can provide you with a natural neutral feel for your kitchen. Alternatively, your neutral kitchen look can also be transformed. These are extremely durable and hence worth considering when you plan to treat your kitchen windows. 

2. Roller Shades

Roller shades can fit into your selection for kitchen window treatments on a budget. However, this in no way means a narrow range of selection in terms of color, patterns, or textiles. These roller mechanism-based shades come in multiple designs and patterns to fit any window with ease. Roller shades provide much better access control of external light into your kitchen for an advantage too. Material for roller shades can range from sheer to semi-sheer, and even fully opaque as per requirement. The cost-effectiveness of these shades is largely due to their independent nature of functioning. These shades need no other supplementary components to be installed along. Everything said roller shades with a spring mechanism can cut out risks from dangling cords of the manual variants, especially for kitchens.

3. Solar Shades

When facing the issue of excessive sunlight in your kitchen, installing solar shades can be an ideal option for you. These shades offer superior blocking benefits from sunlight and UV. Solar shades are however a type of roller shade with different construction. The base material used is typically vinyl but can be of similar alternatives too. A coated material for heat and UV obstruction is woven along with the material into a screen-like mesh pattern. This helps in the filtration of harmful UV, providing a cooler kitchen while preserving the view. Solar shades are available with different levels of openness factor. It basically reflects the percentage of UV rays that might pass through the shades. Therefore, solar shades with the lowest openness factor will look darker and provide maximum UV protection and reduced glare. One disadvantage of solar shades is that they become almost transparent after sunset when indoor lights come on. As such, using additional curtains might be necessary to safeguard your kitchen privacy after dark.

4.  Woven Wood Shades

Constructed from natural fibers like grass, jute, reed, and bamboo, woven wood shades are great for people with visual interest and textures for their kitchen windows. These natural materials are extremely durable and can withstand the loss of shape for many years. Interestingly, woven wood shades came to prominence for their ability to resist breaking, bowing, and fading in the first place. They can provide complimenting contrast to your kitchen appliances in steel or other metals. Comparatively, however, they can be a bit more difficult to clean. Hence using them with vinyl protection might ease maintenance and sustain their durability at the same time. People prefer using woven wooden shades either independently or in combination with room darkening liners. Liners help in providing additional privacy in your kitchen apart from improving the overall aesthetics.

5.  Faux Wood Blinds

Kitchen windows near the actual cooking area get exposed to regular steam, spills, or splatters. As such, moisture and heat-resistant treatments might be more suitable for these kinds of windows. Faux wood blinds can exactly fit into this category of window treatment. These are easy to clean alternatives to expensive and delicate wooden shades. The vinyl material coating of faux wood blinds can be easily cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth without damaging the shades. These blinds are made from similar materials to woven wood shades, but with additional coatings for repelling heat and moisture. As a result, they do not compromise on the classic and polished look of real wood either. Faux wood blinds also provide UV protection through a coating of poly satin for your kitchen and the furniture within. For further information on kitchen window treatments, please visit us at

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